Wednesday, 11 May 2011


i guess for now, the nbest cake that one can have is...








Friday, 6 May 2011

of WEDDING CAKES (part3)

im kinda excited to write this entry..
yes, another round of cakes galore! :)
THEME: Pillow Wedding Cake.. yes, pillows! bantal! cushions!
(too comfy to be eaten)
let's feast your eyes on these gorgeous and oh-so-sedap-untuk-dibuat-duduk cakes!

1) rich & colourful indian themed wedding cake.. love the vibrant colours!

2) alalalaaaa so sweeeet.. love the design on the 'cushions'

3) this is equally sweet too! for those who loves pink, u might want to have this as ur wedding cake!

4) feeling like a royalty? why not have this! :) a cake fit for a KING. (but kita semua nak feeling2 princess kan.. so NO to this cake.. or maybe if they change it to pink ke, or purple ke.. i think it wont be too bad)

5) simplicity at its best :) love the cake topper! (sopan aje pengantin duduk atas bantal.. jangan sampai bisul ye :p)

6) awwww.. for the white lover..this is definitely a YES :)

7) another one that spells R-O-Y-A-L-T-Y.. i likeeeeeeee!

8) i guess no pillow cake can win this HUGE-BESAR-TAK-TERKIRA kek bantal!
count the number of pillows!
my goodness.. bolsters pun ada! 
hehe.. cita rasa masing-masing la kan..
if im not mistaken, their wedding theme was arabian or something like that.. so thats the reason for such a cake :)
but seriously, kalau nak cake macamtu, at a cheaper price, why not sew your own cushions.. to the exact same size of a cakefor the top tiers.. then tier bawah aje bake a real one.. :p
and im so sure that cake mawi tu, tak semua boleh makan.. yang atas-atas tu mesti dummy..
so, whats the morale of the story?
errr.. DIY ur own wedding cake? hehe..
i am so gonna do that.. (idea giler but im sure it'll work!)
just wait and see... :)


Thursday, 5 May 2011

of WEDDING CAKES (part2)

lets continue our quest in finding the perfect wedding cake.. :)
the theme for today is PINK
(selamat menjamu mata!)

1) it somehow reminds me of mermaid! :)

 2) simple yet elegant.. can u see the pearls?

 3) i think i can make do without the silver flower..

 3) saya suka yang ini! :) it spells R-O-Y-A-L..

ada yang berkenan dihati?
so many to choose from kan...
hmm.. we'll look into other themes later! :)
suggestions are welcome..


Wednesday, 4 May 2011


if only choosing a wedding cake is as easy as choosing a birthday cake!
but wait, just how difficult can it get?

1) the cake will have to match the theme.
2) the cake cannot be too big.
3) the cake cannot be too small either (must at least be 2 tiers)
4) the cake must have a story to tell..
5) the cake ....
6) the cake ....
7) the cake ....
and the list goes on..

now now, before you sit down n choose your wedding cake,  it’s important to know a little wedding cake LINGO to help you make the right decisions when it comes to your big day dessert! Is fondant for you, or will buttercream be better? From icing options to the decorative details, get schooled on these key cake words:

Fondant is a very popular icing choice for wedding cakes. Its consistency is smooth, firm and elastic. Made of sugar, corn syrup and gelatin, fondant is rolled out and then draped over a cake creating a porcelain finish. Fondant keeps a cake fresh for days and can withstand heat (take note summer brides!). Known for its durability, fondant can be molded into beautiful decorative accents, creating a modern, sleek wedding cake design.

Unlike firm fondant, buttercream is a soft, creamy icing that easily smoothes over a cake. This blend of sugar, eggs and butter is a delicious, versatile wedding cake finish. Buttercream is the perfect consistency for decorating and fillings as well. But beware of extreme heat! If you’re having an outdoor summer wedding, light, fluffy buttercream frosting may not be the best choice.

Denser than mousse, this rich mixture of chocolate and heavy cream can be used as a glaze, filling, or spread over an entire cake as icing. Brides and grooms who love their chocolate will really go for ganache!

Bakers use piping techniques to add detail to their wedding cakes. A pastry bag is used to squeeze frosting through a narrow opening to create beautiful decorative designs like petals, flowers, leaves, rows of dots, swirls, and more. Piping can create dramatic designs over the entire cake, or add subtle, sweet details. It’s all about your personal style. So be sure to discuss the look and feel you’re going for with your cake maker.

Swiss Dots
Perfect for a classic, sophisticated bride, this piping technique forms tiny dots in patterns, resembling a traditional dotted Swiss fabric. Although wedding cake trends come and go, this look will always be a bride favorite.

Latticework is an icing design where lines of piping crisscross. The thickness and style of the piping can be adjusted based on your preference, creating many different looks.

Pillars, made of plastic or wood, are used to separate tiers of cake.

so lets take a look at some of the wedding cakes! :) theme of the night : BLACK & WHITE

so, what kind of wedding cake are you looking for? do share ya.. oh do come back tmr and we'll take a look at other themes!


a WELCOME post

Welcome & Selamat Datang to my humble blog!
Now now, where do i begin...
Nope, not getting married anytime soon but of course is constantly praying that the time will come soon :)
The reason for this blog to be created is for me to share with the rest of the world (yes, the world!) my dream wedding, the beautiful things found in a wedding, the nitty gritty stuffs.. EVERYTHING ABOUT WEDDING!
do enjoy your stay here as i ramble and gush and go "OMG", "Ya Allah cantiknyeeee". "Awwwwww..." and what-have-yous in the entries to come!
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